I’ve added two new booksInsight-Switzerland to my Amazon Central Author Page this week, yippee!  My new-born Experience Barcelona, researched and written in March-April this year and the Switzerland guide, a massive re-write and edit almost 10 years down the line from the 2009 edition. A doorstop and pack of information, building on, updating and expanding on the work of the original authors. Love the Insight guide style, with the luscious half to full page illustrations and in-depth essays on a country’s culture, history, the arts and food and wine. You can order them here by pressing on the individual books.

Tales Of Rome’s Beginnings from Romulus to Ovid, Agrippina & Nero, through to Puccini, Fellini, La Dolce Vita & Roman Holiday. Read some snippets!


A visual essay on Sydney’s suburban (neighbourhood) cafes from Bondi to Bronte, Potts Point & Glebe, beachside, bayside and Inner West.


I have worked as a contributing writer and photographer for several guidebooks including the Eyewitness Backroad Guides to France, Italy & Australia/Tasmania.


My fourth edition of my Bradt travel guide to Borneo should be on the cards soon … I still have a fair way to run to match Hilary Bradt’s 12th edition of her frontrunner Madagascar guidebook.