Born on an island at the end of the world, I have spent two decades evading the destiny of staying in Tasmania ‘for the term of my natural life’. Journalist, foreign correspondent, travel writer and photographer, I have roamed the planet in search of adventure, challenges, change, contrasts and beauty. Based loosely between Australia and France, my suitcase is my true pied-à-terre and most recognisable landmark.
An irredeemable vagabond in my life and work, there is nothing I love more than being set loose in city or countryside with my camera and feet as trusty companions. As globetrotting in my stories as in life, my work is published in newspapers, business and leisure travel magazines and inflight publications around the world – Monocle, the Globe&Mail, National Geographic Traveller UK, Conde Nast Traveller, Hotel News Now, Hospitality Design, Gulf News, Fah Thai Magazine and others.
Please join me on my spontaneous peregrinations as I discover the wonders of the world: California’s stunning line-up of “thirteeners” (13,000ft/3,962m+ peaks), Sydney’s pithy suburban cafes, Tasmania’s sacred wilderness areas, the best hiking in Hong Kong, Borneo’s forager tribes and remarkable critters, the best bakeries and patisseries in Paris, Rome’s catacombs, Copenhagen’s cycling superhighways, France’s gastronomic inns, and Malaysia’s night markets – the sultry, savoury and spice-laden pasar malam.
My writing above all else is an invitation to roam. Come walk with me – if you dare! (Walk and occasionally bike, boat, hike, jog and train). My balades are as multifarious as my interests – cultural, historical and bookish,  epicurean, arty, architectural – or  just long lazy pointless strolls. Very often too they are green. Deep green.

If I end up infecting you with a deep desire for unrestrained global roaming, then I will have achieved my aim. Balades of course is the inimitable French word for a long, lyrical, often aimless (though always deeply rewarding) stroll. So far, my life has just been one big balade.