About Me

Born on an island at the end of the world, I have spent two decades evading the destiny of staying in Tasmania ‘for the term of my natural life’. Based loosely between Australia and France, my suitcase is my true pied-à-terre – and most recognisable landmark.

An irredeemable vagabond in my life and work, there is nothing I love more than being set loose in a city (or the countryside) with my camera and feet as trusty companions. Please join me on my spontaneous peregrinations as I discover the wonders of the world – from the best bakeries and patisseries in Paris, Hansel & Gretel villages of the Alsace wine route and Rome’s catacombs – to Copenhagen’s cycling superhighways, Sydney cafes, Melbourne’s suburban laneways and Malaysia’s night markets (the sultry, savoury and spice-laden pasar malam).

My writing above all else is an invitation to roam. Come walk with me – if you dare! (Walk and occasionally bike, boat, hike, jog, train etc.) … My balades are as multifarious as my interests – cultural, historical and bookish,  epicurean, arty, architectural – and just long lazy pointless strolls. Very often too they are green. Deep green.

If I end up infecting you with a deep desire for unrestrained global roaming, then I will have achieved my aim …  Balades of course is the inimitable French word for a long, lyrical, often aimless (but always deeply rewarding) stroll. My life has just been one big balade.

BOOK NEWS: A hard year’s work, my two new 2017 guidebooks, the Insight Guide to Switzerland, and Barcelona, are now out!