In 1996 I landed in what I called the “belly of Europe” – Strasbourg – on a Masters degree in Journalism, and it is from there that I kicked off my autodidact career as foreign correspondent. Coming from Australia, and a largely radio journalism background, I started sending off stories to newspapers all over the world, in the hope that they might take my work as a big unknown quantity. I subsequently wrote for dailies in Australia, the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Scotland and Ireland on French, German, Italian and EU-wide affairs. Editors in Strasbourg were not only fascinated by the Tasmanian amongst their ranks but my description of living in the historic crossroads city as life in the “estomach d’Europe“, a fascination portrayed in this story in the local city magazine above for whom I wrote (in French naturalement) several stories.




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Radio journalist, producer, presenter, editor, and web-editor, I work as a freelancer for Radio France International in Paris, and for Monocle 24 London where I have produced packages on world news, hospitality news, architecture, design, travel, culture and style for programs including The Globalist, The Urbanist and The Menu. Some of my presenting clips for RFI can be heard on SoundCloud.