Bird song. The starlings (as opposed to swallows as I say in the video) have invaded the downtown park here in Gympie rural Queensland in the trillions! What an amazing cacophony. 😋🕊🦅  And a kind of bird-opera for the eyes and ears. It’s almost deafening the sound.  And the sight of this apparently-called murmuration’ of starlings – which strikes me as odd given the enormous sound (no murmur at all) – is mesmerising. Bring on the bird life. Some people find them a nuisance, I just found it spellbinding, and terrific. Nature in all its force. The forms these murmurations take is equally amazing – sometimes heart-shaped (see the picture below from The Guardian), sometimes like a tornado or a tidal wave – or even a hot air balloon. In fact the Guardian pic looks like something in between a heart and a balloon.

Apparently the phenomenon is still quite a mystery. Why do starlings come together en masse, swooping and sweeping in miraculous forms before finally settling down in a tree for the night. I thought perhaps the tree was the local bar for the thirst quenched birds in this balmy climate!

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