The truth is I am an irredeemable hill seeker! Wherever I go in the world, I seek out hills. Home is where the hills are. And the hills are in Hobart. Hobart like Rome has seven hills, and that is where the similarities end. Beyond the city, the river is pleated with dozens and dozens of hills. Some are very steep. So from mum’s in West Hobart, to brother Simon’s in Blackmans Bay, here I am again scaling hill upon hill … in the pursuit of exercise, health, fresh air, the outdoors – and most of all my eternal pursuit, of movement. 

It doesn’t matter where I move to, day by day, as long as I move. The wonders of travels exist just down (or up) the street. And just when you (foolishly) think you’ve made all the discoveries there are to make, you stumble upon another wonder. Yesterday it came in the form of the Boronia Hill Reserve, crowning the suburbs like a wreathe. Barely tucked above the tin roofs and triple door garages, this heavenly nature strip of gum trees and tweeting birds was my saving grace. Nature to the rescue again, of an otherwise way too imbalanced and sedentary life. Get up and go everyone! The bliss is in the movement. People seem to have forgotten that to a large extent in Australia. There is an alarming rate of obesity, and of super-size me car monopoly. I barely cross a soul when out on my walk-a-bouts. Here’s too Bushburbia, as I call it, and the survival of these vital urban nature reserves. Watch!


Boronia Hill Nature Reserve Hobart Tasmania Walk

Boronia Hill Flora Track Hobart Tasmania Map 

The Kingborough area is well endowed with nature reserves … from the beach to the bush, the Boronia Reserve is just one of many, big and small. I love this factoid girls: “The Boronia Hill Reserve was made possible by a donation from a group of visionary local women who gave part of the proceeds of the sale of their Kingston Beach craft gallery to Council to be spent in maintaining and enhancing Boronia Hill Reserve.”

HEALTH TIP: A vital reminder of the health benefits of walking! From Better Health Victoria

And finally a beautiful quote on nature from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Travel quotes Nature

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