You know what they say … Life’s a beach and then you die. Well at least that’s what I say, and what first comes to mind back in  Tasmania … It’s time to beach and bare it again. (And bare the cold water too, brrrr) 


Cold maybe, but fresh as ice and clear as crystal…. This is what I love about Australia. Went for a walk, turned into a jog, turned into a swim on Blackman’s Bay beach in bra and undies. 16 degrees outside. 18 in water. Went body surfing. Carried underwear home up the hill dripping. No-one batted an eyelid.


Storm, and surf’s up … the water was murky. I was on shark alert (as always even if there are no sharks)


This is what it looks like in more clement times. My backyard beach when at bro Simon’s place.


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