After two decades I finally got to the Lido de Paris! OMG what variety I never would have imagined … there was some Pierrot, Marcel Marceau, Les Misérables, some S&M Romeo & Juliet, some Swan Lake (only they wore the swans on their heads), some Vangelis, the Cancan of course as a big grand finale, plenty of tits and bums yes but with total Frenchy sexiness. 

Some Laurel & Hardy too. Some Napoleonic sailors and Versailles splendour. Hundreds of Paris clichés (the lampadaire gaslights, Metro signs, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge etc). There was heaven hell, ice skating and Arcadian waterfalls flowing with booby maidens. And the costumes sets frills and music were out of this world. Fluff maybe compared to the Lido of old but top class acts all around!

On top of all of this I had a seat in the lodge, thanks to friends in high (dancing) places! And I was accompanied by my nephew Jake fresh off a bus from London … and looking every bit the Wild Colonial Boy with his mega MacPack!

To say he got an eyeful of Paris on his first night here is putting it mildly 😃 There were smiles all round, and eyes out on sticks! A wonderful, hilarious unforgettable night. For those not in the know – go! It really is as they say in France “Top Moumoute” – a class act!  (Literally a top toupee!)

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