Travel for the tastebuds

20,000 products at Lafayette Gourmet. I’m a little nostalgic for the old store, across the way. This one is so much more shiny new and theatrical. But it’s growing on me after a couple of years. Village-Lafayette – here you will find the butcher, the baker, the (candlestick) … no let’s say cappuccino maker, the cheese shop, the market gardener, the deli with smoked meats, the fishmonger (le boucher, le crémier, le maraîcher, le charcutier et le poissonnier) and all the other usual appurtenances of French daily life. Plus the restaurants and stalls whipping up a to die for foodie storm before your eyes. And finally the  crème de la crème of all the star French cooks and foodsters – from Alain Ducasse and Eric Kayser to  Pierre Hermé etc. etc.   All in all another very pleasant landing on Planet Foodie Paris – at a veritable temple for the taste-buds as well as one hell of a trip.

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