Perfume definitely has an abiding presence here in France. It makes for a highly-scented life. This is one thing, thank goodness that doesn’t seem to have gone offshore (ok wine too!) …

Apparently over 150 000 bottles of perfume are sold daily in France –  about 1.5 bottles a second – 55 million a year – which still equates to not even a bottle per person surprisingly … or not.

The market is said to be suffering under an “avalanche” of new perfumes launched each year, 250 odd, but a dwindling creativity in their making. In other words, it’s the age of mass market smells, malheureusement. The commoner’s nose is not such a demanding one.  Alongside that, small traditional perfumeries are making a comeback, a phenomenon visible on the  parfumerie shelves.)

Happy smelly Sunday everyone!

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