An archaic thing, a press review? I actually love doing them occasionally (in here at Radio France International in Paris) – and no one said a press review can’t be digital. But I love getting my hands on the papers – and in this case the French weeklies – and feeling and thumbing my way through them. Unfortunately this has become increasingly rare over recent weeks. We are no longer delivered Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libération into our pigeonholes.

We do still get the ‘hedbo’s’ – the weekly magazines – thank goodness. (This is short for hebdomadaire, weekly).

I wonder if newspapers will gradually creep their way back again, as books seem to be doing. Probably not in the case of the French press because their readership numbers are simply beleaguered far more so than in the UK or Australia.


The good ole hack at work … yes folks this is me (he he)

Today the French left-leaning weeklies not surprisingly put the spotlight on the personality clash gripping the country’s ‘gauche’ or left-wing politics, ahead of the final run-off vote for the Socialist Party’s presidential primaries.

L’Obs magazine sports a cover photo of Benoît Hamon, who emerged as a major contender in April’s presidential elections after a surprise win in the first round vote last Sunday (January 22nd). Hamon topped the poll beating previous favourite and former French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, 35 to 31%.

So this is where my audio kicks off. I also do the press review online in web version for RFI’s English language website before heading off for the day – at 7.30am! (After a 3.30 am start). Bonne lecture! Enjoyable reading.

19th century printing press … the idea of a press review does conjure up lovely images like this in my mind … perhaps we will come full circle? Fanciful thinking I know. And probably rose-coloured glasses thinking too as it would probably seem more like slave labour after the era of ZenPads and Ultrabooks


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