Back in Strasbourg and visiting all my old bakery haunts starting with Naegel. I’ve just downed half a loaf of bread and have a hazelnut cinnamon scroll for tomorrow’s breakfast. No other French region does pastries quiet like Alsace. French flair and prettiness rub up alongside German wholesomeness.

Naegel bakery Strasbourg

I have not tasted bread like this in a year of living im Paris! Pierre Naegel you know what you’re doing. (And don’t need me to tell you that!) En tous cas merci pour les pain-gasms!! Multiple. In this case un 5 céréale gasm! Chewy, nutty, soft in right places, oaty, wheaty .. miam!

Patisserie Naegel Strasbourg 1

Actually Naegel (meaning nail in German) is the family name of Monsieur le pâtissière, Pierre Naegel – a typical French German Alsace hybrid in name.

And a true nail in the culinary coffin! To die for each mouthful.

Patisserie Naegel Strasbourg 2

With Christmas coming up, there are many buche de Noël/Christmas-log-gasms and other heavenly delights awaiting me … if I survive the queues!

Patisserie Naegel Strasbourg 3

Bon appétit!

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