I’m running through the southern Burgundy vineyards on this late but mild Autumn night. It’s a very special and strong kind of travel bliss. The bliss of the current travels bolstered by that of high energy movement. The silhouettes of the Beaujolais vineyards slide down towards the river plain of the Rhone Valley region around spires and stone walls. 

It’s amazing to be back in the little village of Saint-Amour (Bellevue)  … at the equally impossibly named Auberge du Paradis.  7 years on, the joy of returning has not been numbed by the reality awaiting me. Quite the opposite. The intensity of rediscovery and reconnecting is intense. But let me go back to the beginning –  of this month long trip.

A mini Tour de France, eclipsing but the southern and northern extremities and taking in the best vineyard (and food) regions from Burgundy to Bordeaux, and some of the most sensational scenic parts of France and rural heavens such as the Lot and the DordogneFranche-Comté and bien sûr encore, la Bourgogne.

I’m blessed with my travelling life. It’s only natural that I share some of those blessings with you and try my hardest to convey just a little of the ballading bliss I encounter and feel along the way.

Next stop northern Burgundy. The pays d’Auxois and Côte d’Or. Bon voyage! And merci.

Burgundy Vineyards St Amour Beaujolais

Post note when I say “next stop”, I mean first stop – and as I look (trawl with a drawn out awl) through the hundreds of Nikon shots -this is a taste of things to come – and of this remarkable trip.

The Fontenay Abbey, Flavigny bonbon makers and Vercingetorix vs Julius Caesar battlegrounds are coming up soon. Please subscribe to my blog to keep up to date with coming posts.



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